Monday, August 23, 2010

Chichester Book Club

I'm delighted to be part of a new be part of a new site, the Chichester Book Club, which showcases the work of published writers working in my local area.  I know some of these writers already, but seeing everyone's work together shows what a diverse writing community Chichester has.  The site is the brainchild of Isabel Ashdown, whose debut novel Glasshopper  is garnering rave reviews.

Whatever your reading tastes, there's likely to be something for you (disclaimer: if you like fantasy, you're pretty well stuck with me), so why not pop over for a browse?


C. N. Nevets said...

Intriguing collection.of books there.

And also thanks for encouraging my British-place-name-envy. *sigh*

Tim Stretton said...

I have a bit of a thing for Belgian/Dutch place names at the moment. My current WiP is fuelling that, with a mixture of real, imaginary and adapted names:


Names like that will cover up a lot of crap!