Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A New Release

I'm delighted to announce that the ebook of The Last Free City has been re- released today as an ebook with Thirst eDitions - who also re-published Dragonchaser earlier this year.  A publication day is always exciting, but what's doubly so about this one is that it's being released alongside MFW Curran's barnstorming The Secret War, an old school historical fantasy adventure. I've known Matt Curran for several years; we are the only straight fantasy writers to have been published by Macmillan New Writing, so it's a pleasure to be published alongside Matt with Thirst eDitions.

If you're over here on ::Acquired Taste you're probably already familiar with my novels, but you may be less so with Matt's.  If you have a Kindle, why not get both books, and still have change from the price of most paperbacks and ebooks.

Things have been quiet over here lately.  Unfortunately that doesn't mean I have a new novel ready for you all.  Instead I've been preoccupied with some major family health issues which have taken most of my time away from writing.  Instead my leisure time has been spent reading (never a bad thing for a writer on sabbatical to be doing) and trying to decide which of my nebulous ideas I will start fleshing out when I return to writing at full speed.

My book of the year so far, for those looking for something to read, is Phillip Kerr's Prague Fatale.  It's the latest in Kerr's series of novels about Bernie Gunther, an honest cop in 1930s Berlin.  The translation of this instalment to Prague reinvigorates the series, and gives us wonderful locked room mystery with a cast of real-life Nazis and a tip of the hat to Agatha Christie.  Highly recommended!