Thursday, April 05, 2012

Coming Soon - a New Edition of Dragonchaser

The word 'exciting' is grossly overused in publishing.  I am allowing myself a frisson of anticipation, however, at the news that Dragonchaser will be re-released as an ebook on 23 April.  That's not the exciting bit, though; that date marks the launch of the new electronic publisher Thirst eDitions - run by writers for writers.  On the same day there will be a special promotional launch of Aliya Whiteley's Mean Mode Median; Roger Morris' The Bridge That Bunuel Built; and Ian Hocking's Proper Job.  This is amazing company to be keeping, and there will be others following soon after, including Frances Garrood's new novel Basic Theology for Fallen Women.

To mark the occasion, Dragonchaser will have a new cover, at the moment looking something like this:

A bonus point for anyone who can tell me the name of my illustrious, if unwitting, cover artist.


dolorah said...

I'll check them out; but I already got Dragonchaser :( Love that cover.

Ian Hocking sounds family, like I've read him and don't remember. Strange.

Good luck with the release Tim.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Turner if I had to guess, which I don't, being tragic enough to have googled it. I can't resist a challenge.

Dragonchaser is my favourite of yours btw.

Tim Stretton said...

Thanks Donna and Anonymous.

Turner it is. Google brings all knowledge to our fingertips...(but then without it I would never have found the source image in the first place). Web Admin said...

Great cover, Tim

I really like this whole tempestuous back-drop for the cover - shows a suitable amount of passion for a passionate book. Looks damn fine!

Frances Garrood said...

I was going to say Turner, but someone else got in first! Great cover, Tim.