Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am making a rare personal appearance next week, in Chichester at a charity bookswap. As the name suggests, you can bring along your old books, and swap them for somebody else's old books. Writers will be on hand to add gravitas and chat about the business of writing.

It's organised by fellow Chichester writer Helen J. Beal who is raising money to drive an ambulance to Mongolia, where it will then be donated to the local community. (I am not sure how Helen will then get home, once the ambulance is in Mongolian hands; but she is formidably organised and no doubt has considered this). Those of you outside of easy reach of Chichester can donate remotely to this excellent cause.

Helen's blog is full of interesting material and some very honest reflections on her journey towards publication; and even, for those of you of a masochistic nature, an interview with yours truly.

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