Friday, January 22, 2010

The Dog in the States

A couple of people have asked me about The Dog of the North's publication status in US, and shamefully I was rather hazy on the details. All I knew was that there was no separate US edition. I've now clarified the position with Macmillan and can report:

The paperback is distributed by our distribution partner IPG, one of the big names in US export distribution. This means that, while the book won’t be as visible as a US published edition would be, it will appear in the IPG catalogue and be presented to retailers nationwide, as well as being easily available for order locally.

New copies are available on Marketplace for $5.99 including postage, so come on guys! What have you got to lose?


David Isaak said...

IPG is one of the Big Three (the others being Ingram and Baker & Taylor). Ingram and B&T are somewhat more oriented to placing books on shelves, but all three are excellent distributors, so this is Good News.

Eliza Graham said...

Excellent news, Tim!