Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Also available in English!

For those of you whose German is as a rusty--or indeed non-existent--as mine, the option of reading Dragonchaser in English is perhaps more appealing. The self-publication is still available here, in every conceivable format bar e-book. Prices vary wildly with exchange rate fluctuations, but the best value edition is perhaps the paperback omnibus (bundled with the rather different The Zael Inheritance) currently at GBP £15.64.

While Dragonchaser was never successful in attracting a UK publisher, it's a still a book I believe in, and will probably appeal to those who enjoyed The Dog of the North. What's not to like about galley-racing, lethal political intrigues, and a man with a past run ragged by beautiful but manipulative women? Aficionados of familiar Stretton motifs will also enjoy a swordfight or two, a trademark hanging scene, and of course a fire, without which no story could be complete.
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Calindrill said...

Dear Tim,

have you already decided, when 'The Last Free City' will be available for anxious readers?

Tim Stretton said...

Calindrill, I am stil trying to find a commercial publisher before moving over to self-publication.

However, if you send me a personal email (click on the "Contact the author" link at dragonchaser.net) I'll tell you how to get hold of an advance copy!

mattfwcurran.com Web Admin said...

Hi Tim

My copy should arrive today... In time to bring to London!

Elfy said...

No, I think you know when you're a reader when you do that. You also get a really annoyed wife!